Euroluce 2019: news from the Best Brands

Euroluce 2019: News from the Best Brands

2019 at the Salone del Mobile is the year dedicated to the EUROLUCE biennial which is confirmed as the observation point for the technological development of the sector.

There are many news from every brand!

FOSCARINI presents MyLight, an increasingly personal light.

With MyLight Foscarini takes note of the many facets that make up people’s lives, each of which falls into different social, ethical and cultural contexts: translating these uniqueness, it allows its lamps to act in a targeted manner on people, no longer interpreted as an indistinct unicum. Thanks to light intensity control systems, Foscarini makes it possible for everyone to define unique and individual meanings and utilities for their living environments.

Many other News from Foscarini:

Foscarini Solar
Foscarini Nuée

Vibia news at Euroluce

Vibia interprets the light on the occasion of Euroluce. On show the suggestive solutions born from the collaborations with the best designers:

Vibia SKAN
Vibia Light your Way


the Czech glass art surprises us with new all-female creations: Awa by Fumie Shibata, a lamp born from the idea of creating a balloon floating in the air when you look up and the Ivy lighting system by Lucie Koldova.


Due to its cupped frame, TOWNA is gently and subtly directing the light to create a warm and inviting ambience – from the ceiling as well as a decorative wall luminaire.

Wow, what’s that floating from the ceiling? It’s our DINOR, made of ultra-thin aluminium with a minimalist design that puts every five-course menu into the right light.

Cooler than every ice cube. With its glossy look, MIRBI attracts everyones attention. Its secret? A sandblasted inner surface that ensues a particularly soft and gentle light.

Artemide, the light runs on the wire

The brilliant idea of Studio BIG: a luminous strip that moves freely in space. Like a brushstroke

Look carefully at that luminous trace that seems to float in space. La Linea, a new addition to Artemide’s 2019 collection, is like this: a graphic sign made of pure light. The project is signed by the Danish Bjarke Ingels with BIG’s partners, one of the most experimental architecture and urban planning studies of today, those who in Copenhagen turned an incinerator into a ski slope, so to speak.

“Behind our projects there is always an idea that brings improvement. And the approach to design is very similar to that of building architecture: creating something more than a standard object, “explains Jakob Lange, head of design at BIG.

He and his team, in fact, did not simply give shape to a lamp, but developed a new way of thinking about lighting: a sparkling, soft and folding strip that winds through spaces without interruption. Artemide is the protagonist of Euroluce 2019 with products and services resulting from continuous research, experimentation and technological innovation.

A pioneer in the field of light design for 60 years, Artemide once again opens up new frontiers in the project, starting with a disruptive approach based on sustainable innovation, knowledge as knowledge and know-how, a humanistic approach and an ethical perspective. the future is strong in a tradition rich in values ​​and knowledge, in a history of project culture and corporate culture that translate into quality products.

In the stand, a Light Station designs by Michele De Lucchi, the experience of light is lived: environmental quality, emotion and perception, interaction and interactivity. At the stand, Geo Li-Fi technology leads in the discovery of the values ​​and principles of each product, a concrete application of a service that Artemide offers to support its lighting projects.

Artemide App, which allows dialogue with all the lamps in the Artemide catalogs (with integrated LED), shows all its potentialities enriched with interactive features such as sensors and voice control and new parametric applications such as air control, heat maps and the patented Circadian Rhythm and Target Point.

Not only product but also service through which dialogue with an increasingly dynamic light and ready to follow the needs of the spaces and the rhythms of those who live them. Artemide App and Geo Li ‐ Fi make the user experience engaging and generate high added value tools for the designer and those who manage the spaces.



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