Solar Lamps, a new trend for Outdoor Lighting

Lampade Solai Zafferano

Solar Lamps, a new trend for Outdoor Lighting, discover all the features of these new trendy lamps.

Outdoor solar lamps are a “must have” for all those who want to have the right lighting and are based on an eco-sustainable “green” perspective.

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What to check before purchasing:

  • The type of product (poor brands will have very low autonomy and will require more maintenance. It is better to invest more at the beginning, to avoid unpleasant surprises).
  • The brightness delivered.
  • Battery autonomy.
  • The presence of sensors.
  • Waterproofing.
  • The fixing system.

lampade solari SOLAR

Do you want to know how they work?

Their operation is given by one or more LED lamps integrated with a photovoltaic panel that collects the sun’s energy. Each cell stores a variable amount of energy depending on its size and the amount of solar radiation hitting its surface. This energy is then stored in an accumulator with rechargeable batteries.

There are both floor lamps and wall lamps. Warm light for relaxing atmospheres, cold light for the main areas of the garden. Each produces different lighting effects to adapt to all needs.

Easy Installation

There is no need for an electrical socket and this means that we will not have annoying extension cords around and we will not have to worry about adapters for the sockets.

Zafferano Home Solar

A lot of savings

The outdoor solar lamps are self-powered. We will have practically no consumption on our part.

Almost all models have motion sensors to turn on when we enter their range of action. Furthermore, they are equipped with a timer to optimize consumption even more.

Many of the available models are equipped with a twilight sensor that allows it to be switched on at dawn and switched off at sunset. All automatically.

Useful Tips

it is important to know that in the absence of sun the light that we will have from our lamp or spotlight will be penalized, less intense or with a shorter duration. It is therefore important to carefully evaluate the use we are going to make and above all where we are going to place them.

In fact, the best place to place them is where they can benefit from sunlight for as long as possible. Avoid areas that are too shady. The best exposure is to the South, South / West with an inclination of the panel, for ground models, between 25 and 35 degrees.

The autonomy varies from model to model, usually from four to eight hours, but some can even reach twelve.

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