Euroluce 2019: the light trend becomes smart and sustainable

Euroluce 2019: the light trend becomes smart and sustainable

2019 at the Salone del Mobile is the year dedicated to the EUROLUCE biennial which confirms itself as an observation point for the technological development of the sector.

The International Lighting Exhibition, now in its 30th edition, reconfirms itself as the leading international trade fair for the lighting world with more than 420 exhibitors, half of which from abroad, among the best brands in the sector. Once again, innovation and design culture are the protagonists.

The wide range of goods on offer ranges from novelties in terms of outdoor lighting fixtures, indoor, industrial, for shows and events, for the hospital sector, for special uses to those in terms of lighting systems and home automation, light sources and software for light technologies.

The challenge of the sector in search of energy efficiency, sustainability and cost reduction is generally confirmed, so it will be right to update the reference vocabulary with terms such as Smart, IoT ready, Digital Light, Tunable White and White Changeable.

Euroluce is not only the meeting and business place par excellence, but also the avant-garde event in the field of eco-sustainability and energy saving declined both in the decorative and in the lighting sector.

Exhibited products

Outdoor lighting
Bus stop and platform lighting; Garden lighting; Large area / monument lighting; Park lighting; Parking and pedestrian area lighting; Railway line lighting; Recessed floor lighting; Recessed wall lights; Solar energy powered lighting; Sports facility lighting; Street lighting; Swimming pool and fountain lighting

Indoor lighting
Ceiling lights; Floor lights; Recessed lights; Spotlights; Table lights; Wall lights

Industrial lighting
Machinery lighting; Mirror lighting for factories; Shock-resistant lighting, Workplace lighting

Event/ Show lighting
Art and picture lighting; Cinema lighting; Discotheque lighting; Stage and set lighting

Special-purpose lighting
Greenhouse lighting; Illuminated signage; Security lighting systems

Hospital lighting
Bed lighting devices; Sterile rooms lighting

Lighting systems and domotics
Ceiling lighting systems; Domotics; Fiber optic lighting systems; LED lighting systems; Low-voltage lighting systems

Light sources
Fluorescent lamps; Halogen lamps; High intensity discharge (HID) lamps; Incandescent lamps; LEDs; OLEDs; Special-purpose lamps; Other light sources

Illumination technology software and consulting firms
Newspapers, magazines and trade publications 
Trade associations and organizations



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