How to illuminate a restaurant

If you have taken care of the menu, the wine list, the furniture and the bar corner of your restaurant, but you have not followed the advice of an expert to better illuminate your restaurant, all your efforts will serve nothing.

How much importance did you give to the lighting? When choosing the lamps, to position them inside your restaurant? Did you think of a functional, scenic light or any of the two?

The first thing you need to know is that light is one of the most important components of a restaurant design. It is the factor that determines success and increases the flow of customers and profits. The customer who comes to your restaurant is attentive and demanding. It wants the quality, both of the food and the experience that the restaurant gives it. From the lighting. And what you have to do to satisfy it is to entrust yourself to light experts who, through simple tricks, will help you “seduce” and make your stay in the unique and exclusive restaurant.

Here is an example of a work done in the art of …



H&B Architects

Moeskroen, Belgium

Kris Dekeijser

Products used:

Wever & Ducrè Collection WIRO

Wever & Ducrè Collection CORK

Wever & Ducrè Collection Deeper

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