20 ways of illuminate the bedroom


That on the bedside table is the last light we use in our day


 – Flos IC T1 Low + Flos IC S1

 – Foscarini Ritual 1/2/3 suspension + Foscarini Ritual 1 table





 – Flos Aim

 – Fontana arte Nasketta da parete

 – Flos IC T1 high


Perhaps the most useful and essential of all the home. And generally, in the double rooms, they always get in couple. It’s easy to imagine it as the classic table lamp, but we can actually choose all the other types: from wall, to floor, up to arriving, more and more popular solution, to a suspended ceiling that falls directly from the ceiling.


 – Flos Ariette 1/2

 – Flos Spun Light T1

 – Flos IC T1 high

 – Flos Copycat



But the light for the bedroom is not just that by our side. Equally important is the one of the environment, the one we light, to understand, next to the door of the room and close with another switch next to the bed.

It is fundamental to give general and diffused lighting, but also to create an atmosphere. And on the character of the room we also weigh the kind of lamp we choose, In a room where there are not many furnishings, a luminous character body can play the main role.


 – Flos Ariette 1

 – Flos Kelvin Edge parete

 – Flos Kelvin LED base



Do not forget, finally, the solutions obtained with new light sources: for example, LED applications can produce particularly soft effects and intensity adjustments, ideal for having, occasionally, light or bright lights.


Katara Royal Suite project by La Murrina for Excelsior Hotel Gallia di Milano




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