How to illuminate my home

Light points in the house

In our homes, as well as furnishings, lighting is of primary importance. Knowing how to illuminate the house and how to correctly position the light points in a home helps to enhance an object or space, as well as to create a particular atmosphere.

In the choice of light sources at home we need to consider some factors that will guide us to purchase: the size and shape of the premises to be illuminated; Activities that we are used to perform within them; The average time in which the lamp is lit during the day; Furnishings and wall colors.

Living room lighting

illuminazione soggiorno
It’s the home part of the house that is more complex to enlighten, because we’re used to doing different activities from them. It must therefore be equipped with a specific lighting system for each functional zone, choosing direct light, but also diffused or indirect light. If you ask how to illuminate the house, then in the living room will be useful spotlights to be mounted on a ceiling or recessed track.

Light in photo: Arco

For the conversation area and the TV, a uniform but not too intense lighting can be provided, which does not disturb the view: it will be well suited for spotlights combined with floor lamps. If you have an armchair that you like to relax while reading a book, place a backlight or floor lamp behind you. If you want to value the light or the objects that you have exposed in the furniture or on the shelves in the living room, you can buy wall-mounted lamps above suspended frames, spotlights to be placed over a shelf or even cash on top shelf You want to light up.

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