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ILLUMINATE WITH SPOT LEDS: Light, in our design interpretation, must enhance the architectural design in which it is inserted, amplifying the suggestion given by the furnishings, materials and finishes that are found inside a home, hotel, restaurant.

From this concept, a change in the way of thinking about lighting came into being, changing the design techniques of the past years, when an almost homogeneous level of illumination of the rooms was sought.

Diffused light lamps, such as a glass suspension, or a diffusing recessed lamp, have given way to greater control of the beam obtained through an implementation of the use of optics.

At the same time, the way of distributing the lighting fixtures within a room has changed, which are no longer indiscriminately and uniformly positioned, but must be contextualized and positioned coherently with the arrangement of the furniture, works of art or more simply on the basis of different materials chosen in the project. This obviously entails a greater difficulty for the lighting designer, and a greater necessary expertise, but the result will pay off for every sacrifice used.

The intent of the lighting designer is no longer just to illuminate an environment, but to excite those who come into contact with it. To do this we will concentrate the light more on a picture, a statue, a bookcase, or simply a wall covered in wood or marble, leaving the passage areas or the surrounding areas in the shade, with a lower level of illumination. This is exactly the concept of the “Accent Light” so dear to us.

The emphasis must be on what we light designers want to highlight in an environment, in order to focus the user’s attention with decision.

luce d'accento o spot led

The advent of LED, which over the years has supplanted traditional incandescent and halogen lamps, has greatly simplified the designer’s task, because it is much easier to find luminaires that already provide as standard the customization of light beams with optics that oscillate from 6/8 degrees, used to create an extremely concentrated and suggestive light, up to 120 ° for a wider and more homogeneous diffusion.

The use of projectors with the adjustable head allows us to be flexible by changing the aiming of the light beam in an environment. This makes it immediate to direct attention to different focal points, thus modifying the architecture of a place with a simple gesture.

“Light changes the perception of space by its mere presence”

The concept of the accent light can be used with excellent results in any design area and in any environment.

Below we will insert some explanatory images, and we will comment on them, in order to give simple design indications for everyone to follow. At the same time we will suggest some products suitable for the purpose we set ourselves

spot led da incasso UT

In this we can see the use of the FLOS UT recessed spot to accentuate the products displayed on the wooden shelves of the show room. In this case, the light highlights the product and highlights it compared to the rest of the environment.

Here we see an application of the spot light produced by the Arkoslight Shot Light M recessed.

The designer highlights the table top by concentrating the light on it and maintaining a more subdued light in the surrounding environment.

To highlight a focal point of your home, be it a painting, as in this case, or any other you wish, you can also use orientable external spots like this. IO Surface by Arkoslight

Davide Groppi has made accent lighting the guiding thread of many of his lighting bodies. His Miss Sospensione is the perfect example of how to direct the beam of light onto an object by enhancing it.

Even a simple table lamp, like this one from Anglepoise, can be suitable for our purpose.


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