Delta Light: lighting design at the highest levels

Delta Light

Delta Light: Brand specialized in the design of homes, hotels, offices, public buildings and chain stores

Delta Light was founded in 1989 by manager and designer Paul Ameloot and has developed into a market leader and benchmark in the field of architectural lighting. Thanks to an offer of innovative lighting proposals, the company is recognized worldwide for the clever combination of atmosphere, elegance, functionality and design that distinguishes it in indoor and outdoor lighting. Delta Light is a LiD design partner.

Establishing itself on the market as a manufacturer specialized in architectural lighting, Delta Light has developed to become a forerunner of trends in lighting design for residential, commercial and professional environments. Thanks to the realization of various projects, on small and large scale, ranging from shops to private homes, offices, buildings and public spaces and showrooms, Delta Light boasts a vast and varied range of products with the experience and skills necessary to satisfy the functional and aesthetic needs of any project.

delta light

Over the years Delta Light has consolidated its growth based on design thanks to the internal sector of research and development, quality and production control. From design to engineering and prototyping, through to production, packaging and storage … each phase is managed by Delta Light’s Belgian headquarters.

Delta Light’s success lies in a continuous search for perfection and innovation, both in product design and in production techniques, quality control and customer service. By increasing its impeccable reputation, as a manufacturer of architectural lighting fixtures for domestic use, Delta Light has become a well-known name and a benchmark in lighting design for commercial and professional environments.

Each project needs a personalized approach; in this regard, Delta Light is characterized by an exceptional package of services and design tools. The global team works with all the actors involved to achieve the best possible result. Starting from lighting design services up to the process of installing and directing light as a functional element within an environment. Whether it’s technical or usage questions, performance studies and energy savings, a LEED assessment process, customized designs and tailor-made solutions, graphics or rendering requirements, or any other problem related to lighting design …

Architectural lighting

In Delta Light, a family-run Belgian company, they design and produce products for architectural lighting, collaborating with architects, designers, contractors and investors and integrating lighting into their projects. It is achieved using a global network since 1989, in order to illuminate hotels, offices, public buildings, shops, environments, wellness centers and homes on a small or large scale.

Delta Light is a LiD design partner, a tool aimed at architects, interior designers and lighting designers in which to find lighting solutions to enhance the architectural space. There are specialist consultants, who are an integral part of our worldwide network of lighting advisor. Their task is to support light designers, architects and interior designers in the development of integrated and customized architectural lighting systems.


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