Desk Lamps – tricks of the trade


tricks of the trade

A well lit desk promotes efficiency, comfort and productivity. In our range, we have lamps suitable for any work space. Choose a model with adjustable arm and head, which allows you to direct the light where needed, so keep a correct posture, do not strain your eyes and work better.


Evaluate destination of use, differences, technical characteristics and style tips!

Before buying your desk lamp, the question you have to ask yourself every time is: what will be its function? Study or work? We know well that the best way to work well and study in a stimulating and productive way is to illuminate your desk well. A LED work light, whether you are in the office or comfortably on your desk to study, always creates the right atmosphere and the attention needed to complete your tasks with the best results. There is a lot of information to know in order to choose the ideal led lamp for your desk. This time we will reveal you some fantastic suggestions that can help you choose the ideal table light for the productive moments of your day. If instead you want to furnish your spaces with class and “excite” your work plan with a table lamp or desk follow our 10 tips written especially for you.

The first piece of advice we want to transfer is to always create a relaxing, distracting environment with the right lighting to simplify what you are doing. In fact, as we have already illustrated in the previous article, The choice of the perfect desk lamp makes everything much simpler, study and work. And in some cases you can even return an accent or ambient light inside the room so as to furnish it tastefully, and enhance details and important details.

Table lamps

In long evenings of protracted work, or when you linger with a book at your desk, the ally that creates the perfect atmosphere and saves your sight is the table lamp. Choose between many different models depending on your style.

The second advice to follow concerns the function that the desk lamp will have to perform. If you are in favor of a daily work activity, we advise you to consider:

– intensity of light

– light source used

– technical characteristics of the lamp itself

These factors affect the productivity of our work. A desk lamp with an inadequate light intensity, in fact, can strain our eyes and make work or study more difficult. Unlike the case of a desk lamp with a function of furnishing accessory: the choice is certainly easier because you will have to evaluate the most beautiful and interesting model that is close to your tastes. But now let’s go further and dive into the illuminating councils written especially for you.



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