The latest Artemide collections on show in Dubai

Artemide renews its participation in Dubai Design Week, which will be held in the Arabian capital from 13 to 18 November. During the Design Week, which came to its fourth edition, Artemide will present in the Flagship Store, Dubai Design District (d3) building 6, new generations of products, research, technology and manufacturing quality.

Artemis and Neri & Hu, a sharing of values
The Artemide exhibition space will be the Yanzi collection, born in collaboration with the Neri & Hu studio, founded by Shanghai architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu.

Yanzi is a family of lamps, an expression of a perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation, sustainable interaction between material, shape and light. Yanzi is an open system, perfect for building light compositions and light landscapes.

The research developed by Neri & Hu with Artemide continues with nh1217, the proposal for Christmas introducing intuitive gesture and recalling the use of lanterns, with a contemporary reinterpretation of culture and traditional eastern.

Artemis and the culture of the project

In addition to the Yanzi collection, at the Artemide showroom in Dubai are exhibited lamps born from deep cultural synergies and project partnerships with major international architecture and top brands:
– Alphabet of Light, of the BIG studio, in the new circular and linear version, a modular system of light elements for writing and drawing with light;
– Orsa, signed by Foster + Partners, an articulated system of lighting solutions;
– Unterlinden, by Herzog & De Meuron, also presented here in the recent table version;
– LoT, by Tapio Rosenius, a project of light combining a projector and software to interpret and program flexible and dynamic every lighting requirement;
– Ameluna, born from the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, a suspension lamp that opens up a new light reflection.

These, like the A24 and the latest algorithm algorithms, are transversal, flexible designs, great design and high technology, perfect expression of Artemide expertise.

Not just an exhibition space
Dubai’s Artemide showroom is not just a space where light is told through emotion and product technology, but it is also a point of reference for industry professionals. A center of expertise at the service of architects, designers and lighting designers.
An indispensable partner to support a conscious and reasoned choice of light.

The completeness and transversality of the products in the showroom provide the best solution in every area of application: from residential to hospitality, from office to retail, from museum art to urban and landscape outdoor.

Artemide Showroom
Dubai Design District (d3) 
Building 6 / 3° piano –  Unit A-307
Dubai Design Week – dal 13 al 18 novembre 2017



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