how to illuminate a dining table

Dining Table Lighting: How to Organize It?

Dining room lighting and kitchen lighting are one of the main issues that are faced when purchasing the appropriate furniture items. This is because it is important to have adequate lighting in these rooms as the whole family will spend much time eating and conversing lovingly. Let’s see some tips on it.




One of the main things to consider is how to light up a dining table in an appropriate manner. On the table will gather not only the family but will also organize evenings with friends and important lunches. It means that table lighting is a fundamental aspect.

On the market there are plenty of perfect suspensions to give the right amount of light to perfectly illuminate the dining table and all the diners. But which suspension to choose? To what height do you drop from the ceiling? We will try to answer these questions.



Dining room lighting or kitchen

If the family generally eats in the kitchen and moves to the dining room only for special occasions or when the guests are a large number, it is important to choose the right kitchen lighting as well.

Kitchen-hanging lamps can be a great solution because they are designed and made to overlook the dining table. In this way you will always have enough light for everyday meals to be consumed in the family and in harmony.




Chandelier hanging table to illuminate the entire room

Chandeliers on the table are strategically positioned. If they get high above the table, they will not only illuminate the table top but also light up the entire room. This is definitely a point in their favor.

However, in this case, it is important to choose chandeliers suitable for the rest of the room: with diffused light, but not dazzling, and they can reach a bit all the corners of the room.




Suspension and indirect lights

A different discourse must be made if you want to design a complete and effective lighting consisting of a central suspension for the table and indirect light sources to complete everything in the most shadowy areas.

Table lamp hanging table

The substantial difference here lies in the function of the suspension that will be strictly reserved to the “table area”, leaving indirectly the task of filling the gaps. Just for this unique function, the chandeliers above the table can be installed lower.



Indirect lighting

This type of lighting will be projected predominantly on the walls and ceiling, or in peripheral areas that the suspension will not reach. This function can be played well by LED strips or applique (especially if up & down).



Height above table

The indicative distance from the table lamp should be 70/90 cm. Our advice, however, is to adjust the height according to the specific case. Given your room, your table, and the suspension you choose, you will be able to find a height that does not disturb people’s sight, whether they are seated or standing in front of the table.



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