To properly illuminate the bathroom, you must first think about differentiating the management of light: direct in the mirror area and diffused throughout the room.

Lighting with ceiling bathroom spotlights creates a sensation of diffused light but the mirror area, that is the real protagonist of the bathroom, is not properly lit, despite the insertion of the wall fixtures.

Let's start with the general concept that in order to adequately illuminate the bathroom it is important to differentiate the two modes of light management: the most direct one of the mirror area and the most widespread one of the whole room.

For general diffused lighting, the best solution is to use ceiling-mounted bathroom ceiling lights, as normal pendant lamps would create too many shaded areas.

As an alternative to the ceiling light, indirect light fixtures on the wall are also suitable to adequately illuminate the bathroom, which diffuse the light beam projecting it against the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the room.



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