Anglepoise Original 1227 – the English industrial style

Anglepoise is a contemporary brand that bases its origins in the ’30s, when the British design George Carwardine, employed by Herbert Terry and Sons Ltd., conceived or created a new model of low-consumption lamp, avant-garde for the time but with same time extremely interesting.

The success was immediate and the lamp was soon placed in the most important salons and in the most prestigious studies of England before then opening up to European commerce. It was nothing but the birth of the desk lamp, which with easy movements allows you to direct the light where you want. What today seems to us an extremely common form for the support of a lamp, then it was an unprecedented innovation, especially in the field of design. Maximum flexibility and perfect balance have met in a perfect union, realizing what is now famous all over the world as the Anglepoise Lamp.

The Anglepoise lamp has undergone range expansions, from table lamp, wall lamp, reading lamps and ceiling lamps available in different colors and sizes.

Recently, on the occasion of the 70th year of activity, the Anglepoise lamp has also been proposed in large sizes, no longer small desk lamps but a giant floor lamp that can illuminate large rooms. The same was then replicated in the Outdoor version to enrich the garden and outdoor environments.

Finally, the collaboration with Paul Smith and Margaret Howell has been reinterpreted the lamps with innovative and bright colors. Anglepoise a design that is constantly renewed preserving its tradition and functionality.

Original 1227 COLLECTION

When automotive engineer, George Carwardine chanced upon a formula for a new kind of spring, he had created the blueprint for a groundbreaking articulated task lamp that could combine ultimate flexibility with perfect stability. Two years later the Original 1227™ desk lamp was born.

Today, this highly adaptable and engagingly anthropomorphic light, is part of an exemplary nine-piece collection designed for different locations, from table and wall to ceiling and floor. Each piece is available in classic colours, including Linen White and Dove Grey, and comes with toning fabric-covered cord and traditional chrome fittings. Our Original 1227™ Collection has always boasted unrivalled functionality; now it boasts unrivalled choice too.


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