Led bulbs: How to choose them

Energy-saving light bulbs consume much less and last much longer. How to choose the most suitable for your needs? Our video tells you how to read the instructions on the packaging, our test on LED bulbs, which you choose to save.

What are the lumens? How many watts do they match? How can I tell if the light is hot or cold? Here are the answers to some of the most common doubts that assail us when we have to buy a new generation light bulb. And to save money, compare the cheapest fares.

Learn to read the package

First of all, however, it is useful to learn how to read the instructions on the package: there are many, often written in small and not always easy to interpret. We’ll help you, watch this short video carefully.

Choose according to the lumens

Let’s get used to choose no longer based on the power, expressed in Watts, but on the light intensity, expressed in lumens. If you want a strong light, for a large room, corresponding to an old 150-watt light bulb, stay around 2,000 lumens. Between 500 and 1,000 lumens, more or less corresponding to the old 60 watts, they are good for non-prime light posts. Under 500 lumens, they are good for decentralized light sources, for example a desk lamp.

Slow or fast ignition?

For compact fluorescent light bulbs, on the packaging is also indicated how long it takes the bulb to turn on. In general, the percentage of brightness reached in a certain number of seconds is indicated. For example: 60% brightness reached between 10 and 100 seconds. In this last case, the ignition is a bit slow, which means that the bulb does not fit in a passing room. It must be said that only compact fluorescent lamps require time to reach full brightness, while the LEDs are at full speed immediately. On the packaging it is also indicated if the light bulb can or can not be installed on devices that regulate the intensity of the light, the dimmer.

lampadine led


Warm or cold light: how to recognize it

There are also indications on the color of the light, indicated in degrees Kelvin. Between 2,400 and 3,300 degrees Kelvin we can talk about a warm white, as the degrees increase the light tends to become increasingly cold, tending to blue.

LED bulbs: performance and prices

Finally, if you are oriented towards the purchase of LED light bulbs, you just have to choose the best light bulb and at the most convenient price. To do this we have made available a comparative test, with the indication of the best light bulbs in the test and those with the best quality / price ratio.



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