Home lighting project

Home lighting project: The project involves a private apartment with a concept of luminous alternating with light cuts on the ceiling and walls, which illuminate the domestic spaces in an original and direct way, highlighting the main functions.

The use of recessed profiles are mainly made of aluminum, inside which the LED strips are inserted.
One of the reasons we recommend using it is an easier installation and placement of the strips themselves. Aluminum ensures better heat dissipation and consequently longer life and efficiency of the LED STRIP.

Among the most common uses of light cuts we can find it for example under the kitchen cabinets, or along a drop in plasterboard.
Thanks to the aluminum profiles, specially designed for LED or Spot lights, any type of lighting with this type of technology is easy and safe, satisfying the main points of sensory visual comfort.

In addition to the luminous cuts, other recessed luminaires are used in the project: Shot Light by Arkoslight.
It is a small and discreet light point on the ceiling that hides the point of origin of the lighting and whose intent is to offer the greatest visual comfort. Therefore it is equipped with an anti-blinding screen and a micro reflector which generates a perfectly defined light beam.

shot light trimless arkos light soffitto incasso

With our software we have the ability to have a preview of the performance of the lights installed, to intervene before the actual installation of lighting systems.

Our intent is to concentrate more light on the work surfaces and to enhance elements and spaces.

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