How to make light cuts on the false ceiling

Making luminous cuts on the false ceiling is the best way to play geometrically with light in a room.

Have you ever wondered how to make light cuts in the false ceiling? Many times we have received requests on how to deal with the problem of illuminating an interior space in which you decide to use a lighting system hidden inside a false ceiling without seeing the illuminating product or any windows inside of plasterboard.

This is a lighting system widely used in past years and is often taken up in those environments in which the length or non-homogeneity of the false ceiling suggests not to use standard installations in plasterboard such as recessed spotlights or similar. Let’s try together to enter the specifications for the construction of a plant of this kind. Undoubtedly, the progress made with fluorescence technology allows today excellent levels of brightness and color temperature that allow a good result both from a lighting and aesthetic point of view.

Examples and achievements made with led projectors

The first considerations that need to be made when we present a lighting solution of this kind are the following:

  • uniformity of light

  • shadow projections

  • enhancement of the furnishings

  • respect for architecture


Today, if we pay particular attention to the use of the environment specifically and to any irregular movements of the ceiling, we will be able to obtain a homogeneous level of brightness and the result is certainly satisfactory.

The geometry of the room and any architectural elements made on the structure and choice of furniture should not be overlooked just because we are faced with a hidden lighting solution. Even the simple luminous sign obtained from fluorescent tubes will create geometry and shapes that must necessarily respect all that is present below.

How do you install a plant like this?

The plant used in this solution is  sistema viabizzuno 094
that is embedded in rails inside the plasterboard that can have various shapes, curves, linear, angular, etc. to allow maximum creativity.


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