YESLY Finder Gateway WIFI 2.4 GHz  1YGU005

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Finder YESLY – Gateway WIFI Finder YESLY 2.4 GHz

With the GATEWAY you can control your YESLY system remotely, wherever you are in the world. No more forgotten lights on or open shutters. It will always be possible to check the status of the lights. Moreover, through the GATEWAY, you can manage your system even with the voice using the voice assistants GOOGLE ASSISTANT and AMAZON ALEXA. Just say “Hey Google, lower the blinds” or “Alexa, adjust the light to 50%” to control all your devices. You can also use YESLY in routines, along with other services offered by voice assistants. The Gateway connects via the 2.4GHz WiFi network of the home router. In the event of a lack of internet, the system will continue to operate as connected via Bluetooth.

The gateway can be integrated on all existing YESLY systems.

NOTICE: Product delivery expected within 15-20 working days

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