Riello UPS Sentinel Pro – SEP 1000 A3 – gruppo di continuità


Riello UPS Sentinel Pro – SEP 1000 A3 – UPS

You will appreciate SENTINEL PRO for its unique and modern design and for the performance improvements introduced by the constant technological research in the Riello UPS laboratories. Sentinel Pro uses the double conversion ON-Line technology which is the expression of maximum reliability and maximum protection for critical loads such as servers, IT applications and Voice-Data.

Maximum expandability, SENTINEL PRO has the USB port as standard; it is equipped with an expansion slot for the use of protocol conversion cards or the card with relay contacts.
Riello UPS has always been sensitive to energy savings and has introduced a switch-off button in the Sentinel Pro series to reduce consumption to zero during periods of inactivity (ECO LINE) SENTINEL PRO is available in the 700VA, 1000VA, 1500VA, 2200VA and 3000VA models.

As regards the compatibility of the SENTINEL PRO series to the CEI-016 standard, please refer to the specific sheet in the “Documentation” section.

Models SEP 1000 A3
Rated power 1000 VA
Voltage 220-230-240 Vac
Voltage tolerance 140 Vac <Vin <276 Vac @ 50% LOAD / 184 Vac <Vin <276 Vac @ 100% LOAD
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Frequency tolerance 50 Hz ± 5% / 60 Hz ± 5%
Power factor> 0.99
Current distortion ≤7%

Voltage tolerance 180 – 264 Vac
Frequency tolerance Selected frequency (from ± 1.5Hz to configurable ± 5Hz)
Number of phases 1

Rated power 1000 VA
Active power 900 W
Number of phases 1
Crest factor (Ipicco / Irms) 3: 1
Sinusoidal waveform
Frequency Selectable: 50 Hz or 60 Hz or self-learning
Voltage distortion with distorting load <4%
Voltage distortion with linear load <2%

100% <Load <110% 2 minutes
125% = Load <150% 5 seconds
Load> 150% 1 second

Type VRLA AGM with lead without maintenance
Recharge time 2-4 h

Altitude max 6000 m
Black colour
USB / DB9 communication with RS232 and contacts / Slot for communication interface
Safety Compliance EN 62040-1: 2008; EN 62040-1 / EC: 2009; EN 62040-1 / A1: 2013 and Directive 2014/35 / EU
EMC compliance EN 62040-2 and Directive 2014/30 / EU
Standard equipment Power cable, IEC-IEC cable, serial cable, USB cable, safety manual, quick start
Degree of protection IP20
Lightning immunity 300 joules
Trademarks CE, GS / NEMKO
Performance Line-Interactive / Smart Active 98%
Noise level (at 1 m) <40 dBA @ 1 m
Operating temperature 0 ° C / + 40 ° C
Relative humidity <95% not condensed

Weight 13.3 kg
Dimensions (h l p) 158x422x235 mm

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