Find the best system for how to illuminate the bedroom Try to live the environment dedicated to night rest also at other times of the day, creating a room in which to go for relaxation during the day.

Finding the right light source is important to facilitate any type of activity that takes place in the night environment.

In short, light must illuminate, but also correct, attenuate, conceal or enhance.

In general, functional lighting is a good rule of thumb, a basic general light that can be used separately, for example to move around the room, and which on the other hand serves to balance partial lighting, creating the need for harmony in the environment; to add localized lighting, studied especially in view of the different needs, such as the use of the TV or tablet, reading a book.

We are therefore concerned to distinguish the characteristics of the various fixed sources (ceiling light, wall light) from the mobile ones (floor lamps, table lamps, mobile arms), so as to use the most appropriate choices according to the specific uses.



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