LiD’s mission is to shed light on people’s lifestyles. In a combination of competence and creativity we merge lighting technology with design to create extraordinarily personal environments.


“Dad, I can’t sleep. Can you turn on the light and read me a story?”

Light has been in our lives since the early days, transforming our spaces, adding color to our relationships, and giving strength to our emotions.

With almost unconscious gestures, we all turn the light on and off several times a day. We do it in the morning when we wake up or at night when we fumble to turn it on to avoid stumbling. Our fingers automatically reach for the switch. And just as in our homes, it’s street lamps that light up our paths in our cities.

Light has become taken for granted. What a pity.

At LiD, we help people rediscover their personal connection with light and recognize its role in their lives.

How many different atmospheres can you create in your spaces? How many combinations does light intensity adjustment offer you? And how much stress do you sometimes experience  when you can’t have the right light for the activity you’re doing?

Light is our everyday companion: it helps us at work when we need concentration, it envelops us in an atmosphere of serenity when we seek relaxation, it fills us with energy when we need stimulation and accompanies us in our fun moments when we seek entertainment.

But light has its own form, and at LiD, we focus on understanding the perfect relationship between light and the human element…

And we’ve understood that there’s no one-size-fits-all relationship. Everyone has their own expectations, and each person’s value must be recognized to be satisfied.

When we flip through catalogs and magazines, the images always depict beautiful settings and perfect atmospheres.

But who lives in these beautiful places we see in the pictures?
In a context where beauty is communicated independently of its function, in a pure and impersonal aesthetic, at LiD, we’ve come to understand that light is beautiful only when it is in harmony with people, just like a tailored suit or a Mozart melody.

For us at LiD, every lamp, every light source, is an opportunity to create emotions in the environment around you and bring your personal world to life.
In fact, a beautiful lamp, when turned off, is a waste. However, we know that every lighting project can become an opportunity to enhance the creative work of design masters.

Flos, Artemide, Davide Groppi, Fontana Arte, Louis Poulsen, Catellani & Smith, Foscarini, the creations of great designers that fuel our dreams of lighting up our homes, remain soulless until we make that click.
If the light is right and designed for you, its use becomes spontaneous, almost a natural extension of your desires and needs.

The aesthetic beauty of light seamlessly merges with its functionality, creating a harmonious balance. Like a painting on canvas or a well-orchestrated symphony, lighting must connect with the spaces we live and work in, making them unique and suitable for us.

At LiD, we deeply understand this relationship between light and life.

We envision light as a fundamental protagonist in determining emotions, even more so when every choice begins with listening to and understanding people and is conceived with love to make their time better.

In the end, it takes very little.

“Dad, keep the light on, so I can sleep more safe.”