Fontana Arte Bianca large – h177

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Bianca is a family of lighting fixtures equipped with a milk-white coated blown glass diffuser with a satin finish. The superficial decoration of the diffuser is characterized by an ordered series of light and delicate furrows that, on the white volume of the glass, remind of small imprints on the fresh snow. Blown to the mouth, ground to tape and then passed into the acid in order to obtain the characteristic “silk effect” of precious glass, the Bianca diffusers are available in three diameters that complete all the thirteen types of appliances that declant the family . The largest measure 50 cm in diameter and, in terms of size and quantity of glass, has represented, represents and represents for each production an authentic challenge even for the most skilled masters, accustomed to blow glass, which, according to the traditional production process Venetian, does not provide the help of external aids to spin and shape the mass of glass in the mold, but only the use of its mastery and lung capacity. Bianca is available in free-standing versions, with stem, table and floor with stem and base, suspension and wall and ceiling. The opaque white color of the varnishes applied to the various metal supports recalls the name and color of the diffuser.

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