ICONS are born from the fusion of metal, fabric, glass and light: points of energy that illuminate environments, curves that define spaces, volumes that emphasize details. Becoming an ICON requires originality, creativity and technology: our lamps were born from the vision of a different way of being light, for those who want to give a never common atmosphere to their life.

THE ICON is “A sign that reproduces one or more characteristics of the reality it denotes”: ICONA design lamps are equally signs that describe the artistic and visual research of our times with their shapes. We used two precious raw materials to create ICONA lamps: enthusiasm and creativity.

Enthusiasm is for us the vital spark to everything that surrounds us: family, everyday life, the desire to work day by day to create something that can amaze and improve our life and our state of mind. We want to convey this feeling through our creations, to make the environments of our life unique and personal.

Creativity, on the other hand, is that drive that, in the face of everyday situations, makes us aware that we can create something more and more innovative, because we never stop dreaming with the desire to amaze the observer of our lamps.
Light is the first source of energy that allowed the world to be born as we know it today: light is life in its pure state, and as such it should not be wasted. For this ICONE preserves every drop of light, choosing the most eco-sustainable processes, certified materials, and renewable energy sources. ICONE is attentive to every step of its supply chain, respecting the environment even when it communicates: all our brochures and our communication are printed on certified paper and with the use of vegetable inks.

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