iGuzzini – our partner for major lighting projects


The culture of light as an element of social innovation is the distinctive element of iGuzzini, a leader in the architectural lighting sector.

logo Iguzzini

LiD collaborates with the iGuzzini brand and with the best architects, lighting designers and engineering firms to create innovative and performing lighting projects, able to enhance architectures and spaces.

Outdoor lighting

We prolong the sunset

illuminazione esterna iGuzzini

The best light is that of the sunset. We want to prolong this good light in the places where it is beautiful to walk, in the parks and streets of our neighborhoods, in the external architecture, making the open space the essential place of urban sociality.

Light fixtures are increasingly robust and reliable, full of optical and energy technology, to increase efficiency and visual well-being.

Adaptive light, tele-management, digital connection services, are our frontiers of innovation to transform light into a collective value.

Intelligence of Light Solutions

We evolve the concept of light intelligence, networking all the elements that make up a system, interacting with each other in an automated way. Through the Bluetooth Low energy protocol we can manage the light directly from your smartphone – Smart Light Control – or send information and services – Smart Services – from the light point. Different technologies, BLE, KNX, DALI or DMX, to make our places more responsive and intelligent, through light.

Smart Services

Light turns out to be an element to create new smart services for the benefit of managers and users. In particular, thanks to the beacon technology, integrated in the lighting system, and the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, it is possible to receive digital information by activating proximity marketing services (push notifications) or route information (indoor navigation) or data on the use of space (Occupancy / space management) directly on your smartphone. Smart Services transform communication into value, even economic.

Smart Light Control

controllo luci a distanza

From the small plant to the large plant, from close distances to the network, the products for indoor and outdoor can be managed by control systems. Thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, now present in every smartphone, the light becomes portable, facilitating the installation, programming and management of the system. The control can also be done remotely over an IP protocol through a BLE-WiFi interface, always with your smartphone or directly online.


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